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I don’t, I don’t believe it.
- That is why you fail.

Another Meme I Won’t Finish: [10/10] Movies» Anastasia (1997)

…After all, the name Anastasia means “she will rise again!”

May or may not have written a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Holmsian Noir story inspired by this movie.


Amazing Mr. Freeze art by Bruce Timm.


Amazing Mr. Freeze art by Bruce Timm.


- Nightwing Annual #02

Dick facepalms at the very thought of food, but Babs only brings him a milkshake. I’m going to be a bore now and say that if he’s only on fluids still, a milkshake is heavy sustenance for someone that sick still. You should see the things we feed the ICU patients that are on fluids with. It’s rich on calories and nutrients but don’t contain milk or ice cream or sugar. Usually they get soup based on oatmeal. Just saying.

Here the milkshake is used as a link to the past though. We’ll get into that in the next post.

themindofshmell: Jaimatt?


Cersei Lannister by frozen-winter-prince